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На сегвее вдоль моря

Индивидуальный тур
58 € 49 €
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48 € 39 €
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  • 90 мин

  • 8,5 км

  • 15 мест для фото

  • Мини-группа / индивидуально

  • Доп. время на тренинг

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Ride the Mediterranean winds

Take the eco-friendly Segway out for a ride in the sunny beaches of Barcelona and witness the deep transformations that occurred in the city since the 1992 Olympic Games. Getting started from our main office in the ancient Gothic Quarter, the historical city center with its roman walls e medieval palaces, we head out of the old town in direction of the Old Port of the city, nowadays a modern marina with beautiful sea views. Swiftly ride to the most typical beach of La Barceloneta and make a small stop at the Olympic marina to take some beautiful photos of the coastline. Get in touch with the warm mediterranean feeling of these spanish shores and enjoy the sea breeze while cruising your easy going segway and learning about the tragic past of these areas. Pass through the modern Olympic Village and take time to remember some of the champions that took part in this important competition. On our way back, we still have time to take a peek at the old Born District and some of its most important historical buildings, being connected with the importance the old port had and fruit of the great expansion of Barcelona in the latter 19th century industrial ages.

Место встречи

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The new face of Barcelona

Getting started with a small training session near our office in the Gothic Quarter we get in touch with the oldest parts of the town, its cozy streets, the roman walls and middle age buildings. We leave the historical center behind to find that the old harbor of Port Vell is now a beautiful marina full of activities. Here we can see the monument of C. Columbus just at the end of the famous La Rambla, facing the city sea gates. Ride the bicycle lanes that take you to one of the main beaches of Barcelona and learn about the past history of these inspiring shores. Reach the Olympic Port to find beautiful sights of the city skyline, and the best stage for your group photos. This is the hotspot for activities related with the sea, during the day, and one of the main club areas by night time. Cruise the waterfront of Mar Bella and explore the quiet parks of the Olympic Village to discover its seemingly lost secrets and remember the champions of the 1992 Olympic Games. Returning to the old town we will pass next to the Born District where we can admire the 19th century architecture of the golden ages.

Что включено:

  • аренда сегвея
  • сопровождение гида
  • предоставление шлема
  • тренинг по безопасности
  • бутылочка воды
  • фотографирование
  • плащи (в случае дождя)
  • море удовольствия

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