Explore the charm of the seaside and Central Park with a thrilling eScooter tour. Picture yourself as if you’re gliding through time on a Roman chariot when you step onto a eScooter amidst the ancient Roman ruins of the old city.

As you leave behind the quaint and winding alleys of the Gothic Quarter, the rejuvenating Mediterranean breeze will welcome you, and the historic old port will greet you with its tales, framed by pristine white yachts. Your journey continues along the coastline, passing through the medieval fishing village of Barceloneta and leading you to the modern Olympic port, replete with picturesque spots along the shoreline.

As you delve back into the heart of Barcelona, you’ll find yourself within the confines of Ciutadella Park, located on the grounds of an ancient fortress. Here, you’ll discover fascinating insights into the Golden Age of the Industrial Revolution and the city’s remarkable expansion. Finally, passing beneath the Arc de Triomphe, you’ll arrive at the intersection of old and new Barcelona, where history comes alive at every turn.