A Segway ride through the hills

Explore the beautiful mountain of Montjuïc and observe this marvelous city from the panoramic viewpoints provided by these hills, having a blast while riding up and down on the easy-going Segway. Forget the bustling city and “take a walk in the park” to relax in the biggest urban green area in Spain. Come with us and take this fantastic opportunity to check out the several attractions the park of Montjuïc has to offer to its visitors, many of those fruit of the golden age of Barcelona in the Industrial Revolution. Learn about the great expansion of the city and how it has been shaping the mountain’s landscape until even today, all of that culminating in a huge contribution for the healthy philosophy of modern Barcelona. Get to the top to reach the Castle of Montjuïc to learn about the terrible wars in the past, to find a peaceful and quiet fortress in the present days. In here await some of the most impressive views from several privileged spots, for your photographic moments, effortlessly sliding your Segway up the hills. What you can expect from this tour is an unforgettable and a relaxed ride across Montjuïc’s thematic gardens, historical hotspots and literally a complete overview over the skyline of Barcelona.

Take part of Barcelona’s healthy lifestyle

This endurance tour starts in the historical Gòthic Quarter with a practical lesson for you to feel comfortable riding your Segway. As we move through its romantic medieval streets we start our journey in direction of the old Port, already with Montjuïc in sight. After a quick stop in the modern marina, we’ll make our way upwards following the iconic cable car in front of Hotel Miramar. From here we’ll get deeper into the woods swiftly passing through Miró Foundation, which houses some of the most important works of Juan Miró, only to discover the National Palace, home of the most important art collections of Catalonian culture, and the location of the famous Magical Fountain. Halfway through we’ll head forward to the awesome Olympic Ring area and learn more about the memorable games in 1992 and its importance for Barcelona’s definition of its ecological future. The cherry on top of the cake of this tour is precisely going all the way up to its peak, the Castle of Montjuïc, perfect spot for the best views of the city’s rooftops and also the stage of some of the most tragic episodes in the history of Spain, swiftly driving on a Segway.