Two magical hours on Segway!

Immerse yourself in this beautiful Mediterranean environment and culture effortlessly on a Segway!
Relax and get ready to glide calmly through the charming medieval streets of the Gothic Quarter and enjoy your way to the city’s historic port, as old as Barcelona. Now a luxurious marina, Port Vell is an amazing area that mixes sport and leisure, and here you will get a perfect insight into the history of the city and the importance of the relationship with the Mediterranean Sea. Get in touch with the most interesting history of La Barceloneta and the great achievements that turned these beautiful shores into one of the best urban beaches in the world, and one of the best places to eat the most typical Barcelona cuisine. Contemplate the idyllic coastline of Barcelona and Costa Brava through the seaside walks, where you can find the perfect backgrounds for your photographic moments.
Effortlessly riding your Segway to the iconic Citadel Park, a symbol of Barcelona’s modern era, you will find the interesting history behind the great expansion and the golden age in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by nature.